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Painless Root Canal in Riverside, CA

Quick and Painless Root Canal in Riverside, CA

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When you have a severe toothache, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your tooth, and it shouldn’t be ignored. In many cases, a dental cavity has reached the soft, sensitive dental pulp at the center of your tooth. The pulp is what keeps your tooth alive and healthy as blood vessels and nerves run through it all the way down to the root of your teeth. When your dental pulp is under attack by a cavity or infection, our amazing endodontic team at Gold Coast Dental Riverside is here to help with a quick and painless root canal.

What is a root canal? A root canal is an endodontic procedure to remove any inflammation, infection, or decay that has reached your dental pulp. Your tooth will then be sealed and reinforced with either a dental filling or crown, keeping it strong and protected against future infection or decay. Root canals allow us to keep your teeth alive and healthy, even in the face of some of the most serious cases of dental decay. Our endodontists are highly trained and experienced at ensuring your tooth always looks just as natural and beautiful as it did before. We shade match our fillings and crowns to blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile, and we’re able to make any adjustments to restore your bite as needed.

You can count on us to make sure you love both the aesthetics and feel of your tooth following your root canal. Tooth pain relief is here! Please call our Riverside dental office at (951) 688-6000 today to schedule an endodontic consultation.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Our endodontic staff is committed to ensuring your root canal procedure is always smooth and painless

  • First, we’ll perform a comprehensive exam of your tooth to precisely identify the scope and severity of your dental infection. We’ll use a series of X-rays and scans to ensure we never miss a detail. Using these exams, we’ll craft a treatment plan tailored to your smile - taking into account how many canals need to be treated, how many appointments are required to complete your treatment, and the type of reinforcement the tooth will need.
  • Once we’ve planned your procedure specific to your needs, we’ll numb your tooth with our strong local anesthetic to ensure you never feel any pain or discomfort throughout your procedure. When your tooth is fully numbed, we’ll create an opening in your tooth through the outer enamel layer, which will help us remove the decayed dental tissue and allow us to access the inflamed and infected pulp.
  • We’ll then disinfect and rinse out the inner tooth, killing any bacteria and clearing any debris attacking your tooth. Your infected pulp will be removed from one or more canals, ensuring you only have healthy and undamaged tissue available. With your tooth clean and healthy again, we’ll fill and restore your tooth with a mix of gutta-percha, dental filling, or a crown to keep the structure and strength of your tooth intact.
  • In many cases, a second visit is needed, so the filling and crown used are only temporary. When you come in for your final appointment, we will replace your filling or crown with a permanent one. Our endodontists will make any adjustments necessary to ensure that your bite is perfectly restored and feels natural.

Caring Is Our Specialty

Count on us to give you the best trip to the dentist office you’ve ever had!

When it comes to your upcoming root canal procedure, our expert endodontic staff is here for you however we can. At Gold Coast Dental Riverside, we understand that having an amazing dental experience can be just as important as your final results. Not only do we ensure that your treatment is always stress- and pain-free, but we make sure you’re comfortable in the dental chair as well. We equip our state-of-the-art patient suites with the latest devices, machines, and techniques to make sure your procedure is smooth. We also have available some incredible technologies to keep you entertained throughout your time with us. If you have any questions about our luxury office or your root canal treatment, please let us know by calling us at (951) 688-6000.

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

Early detection of your root canal infection can ensure we always come to your tooth’s aid in time to save it with a root canal

When your dental pulp becomes infected, it can come with a wide array of symptoms. Please see our Riverside endodontist team for treatment if you experience any of these signs: toothache or tooth nerve pain that is sharp, throbbing, or consistently returns for more than a day, tooth pain while chewing or applying pressure, sensitivity to hot and cold,

tooth discoloration, swollen and tender gums, chipped or cracked tooth, especially one that hurts, white pimple on your gum (tooth abscess), persistent bad breath and taste in your mouth, loose or shifting teeth. If you find that your previous toothache suddenly disappears and doesn’t return, we recommend you don’t wait to seek immediate treatment

for your tooth infection. Cavities don’t clear on their own, and this is a sign that your tooth’s nerves and blood cells are in danger of dying. Quick and responsive care is critical, as this may mean the difference between saving your tooth with a root canal or having it extracted. Do you need to schedule an emergency root canal treatment? Contact our Riverside office at (951) 688-6000 today!

  • How long does a root canal take?

    Many root canals need only a single 60 to 90-minute appointment, especially those treating a single canal and which only need a simple dental filling to reinforce it. However, a second 90-minute visit may be needed for patients with complex cases. During this visit, they’ll also receive their permanent dental crown.

  • Do root canals hurt?

    Despite their reputation, our root canals in Riverside are completely painless. We promise that the only discomfort you’ll feel in our office is from your root canal infection itself before we get started. Our endodontists use strong, dental-grade local anesthetic that keeps your tooth and gums totally numb as our endodontists work.

  • How much does a root canal cost?

    The cost of your root canal procedure depends on a number of crucial factors. Which tooth will be extracted (front, bicuspid, or molar)? How extensive is the damage to the tooth? How will your tooth be reinforced (filling or dental crown)? At Gold Coast Dental Riverside, we understand the importance of affordable dental care. We offer a number of financial options to ensure you don’t have to worry about the cost of your dental work, even without dental insurance.

  • How long does a root canal take to heal?

    Root canals are quick to heal, with full recovery usually happening within 3 days to a week max. You may feel some slight discomfort as you heal, but simple over-the-counter pain relievers can take care of that quickly and easily.

  • Should I get: a root canal or extraction?

    Between getting a root canal or a tooth extraction, we always want you to receive a root canal if you can. We always want to keep your smile as intact and healthy as possible. Root canals are our last defense before your root canal infection damages your tooth too extensively and causes it to die. You should only have your tooth removed as a last resort if it can no longer be saved by a root canal.

  • What procedures does an endodontist perform?

    Although endodontists are most well-known for performing root canal treatments, they specialize in all treatments dealing with the soft, sensitive dental pulp at the center of the tooth. Endodontists also perform endodontic retreatment, endodontic surgery, dental implants, and other emergency procedures meant to restore a tooth after a traumatic dental injury.



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