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Dental cavities and gum disease can make their mark on your smile, and they may become severe enough to require tooth or teeth extraction to keep the rest of your mouth healthy. There’s no reason to worry about the look or function of your smile, however. At Gold Coast Dental Riverside, our caring dentists can restore your missing teeth with ease with our custom-made dentures. With comfortable, fitting dentures, you can enjoy: a beautiful smile, boosted confidence and self-esteem, restored bite function and wider diet, improved speech. Our Riverside dentists make sure your new teeth look fantastic.

We design your dentures with our finely-tuned artist’s eyes to guarantee that they look completely natural and blend in effortlessly with the rest of your smile, gums included. The pink base is matched with your gums, and the porcelain used for the teeth mimics the exact shade of white of natural enamel. We do our absolute best to ensure no one can tell that your dentures are anything but real, healthy teeth.

Don’t waste a moment to get back the beautiful, whole smile you loved with dentures! Call our denture dentists at (951) 688-6000 to book a consultation at our Riverside dental office today.

Types of Dentures

Gold Coast Dental Riverside is prepared to restore your smile to full health with our flexible denture options

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures

Over time, dentures can begin to loosen or shift in place, which can have an effect on both your eating and speaking. For patients who want a bit more stability in their bite, our Riverside dental office offers a denture with implants, otherwise known as permanent dentures, to keep your false teeth more solidly in place. During the implant-supported denture process, a dental implant post will be surgically attached to your jaw, where it will fuse to the bone. Your denture will then connect to those implants, where they will be securely held without any shifting or lifting. You don’t need to rely on denture adhesive or glue to keep your teeth steady. And while many permanent dentures are still removable, there are fixed implant denture solutions to give you the absolute most security possible for your bite.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

For traditional dentures, there is a 6 to 8-week wait after your tooth extraction before you can finally begin wearing your denture. However, we understand that no one wants to go without a nice, brilliant smile any longer than you might need to. At Gold Coast Dental Riverside, our talented denture dentists ensure you don’t have to wait a single day without a complete smile with our expertly crafted immediate dentures. With temporary, or “immediate," dentures, you’ll meet with our denture dentists well in advance of your tooth removal to prepare your set of false teeth. By taking impressions and molds of your mouth weeks beforehand, we’ll be able to design and craft a set of natural-looking dentures that can perfectly mimic your current whole smile. This means that by the time your extraction appointment arrives, we’ll have you leaving our dental office with a new set of pearly whites. Need to schedule your first consultation for immediate dentures? Call our Riverside dental office at (951) 688-6000 to schedule yours today.

Removable Partial and Complete Dentures

With partial and complete dentures, our dentists are flexible to the demands of your smile while delivering you results you can be proud of!

Here at Gold Coast Dental Riverside, we strive to ensure we’re always adaptable to the specific smile needs of our patients with both removable partial and complete dentures. This level of flexibility means that whether you’re missing only one tooth or an entire smile, you can always achieve the beautiful smile you want and deserve. Partial dentures are capable of replacing any amount of missing teeth less than a full arch with a single dental device. We customize each tooth perfectly to your smile so that your denture always smoothly slides into place without any trouble or gaps. Patients with partial dentures don’t have to worry about an uneven or obvious-looking smile as your denture dentist shade-matches

your artificial teeth to the rest of your natural enamel. The porcelain we use is able to closely resemble your real teeth, restoring your smile perfectly. Complete dentures are used to replace either a full arch or an entire mouth of extracted teeth. These dentures fit snugly in place, even without a set of healthy natural teeth to support them. There’s no need for denture glue or adhesive to keep your false teeth solidly in place. You just place them easily in your mouth and go about your day - no stress, no fuss, no complications. It’s time you took back your beautiful smile with removable dentures! To learn more or schedule a denture consultation, call our Riverside office at (951) 688-6000 today.

  • Can I get my teeth pulled and dentures in the same day?

    While typical dentures require you to wait weeks or even months before you can wear them, our dental office can prepare immediate dentures for you to wear following your tooth extraction. These dentures are temporary, however, as your gums and jawbone will experience quite a few changes in the months after your tooth removal. You will most likely need a replacement denture that will fit smoothly and snugly in your mouth.

  • What do dentures cost?

    The cost of your dentures depends on: the type of denture you’ll need, the number of teeth needing replacement (with partial dentures), the materials used, and whether you’ll want immediate dentures immediately following extraction. If you receive immediate dentures, the cost of your tooth removal will be a factor as well. For those concerned about the cost and payment of their dentures, our office offers a number of financing options to ensure you always receive affordable dentures.

  • Can you sleep in dentures?

    While you can sleep in your dentures, it is highly recommended that you give your mouth a break from your dentures at night. This rest allows your gums and bone to recover from a day’s worth of pressure. Wearing your dentures 24/7 can cause soreness and doesn’t give your dentures a chance to stay clean and bacteria-free overnight. It can even cause your bone loss to accelerate, leading you to need a denture refitting more often than usual.

  • Do they make permanent dentures?

    “Permanent dentures” is another name for implant-supported dentures because the implants they connect to are permanently affixed in your mouth. For most implant dentures, the denture itself is still removable for cleaning and letting your mouth rest at night. However, there are certain versions that can screw into your implants, leaving them fixed in place.

  • What are the benefits of dentures?

    Dentures offer a wide range of amazing benefits. Not only can they restore the natural look and feel of your smile, but they can also improve your speech and eating almost immediately. You’ll be able to eat a nearly fully-restored diet with ease. Our dentures are tailored to fit your mouth exactly, meaning your teeth will stay in place without denture adhesive. This great fit also means that you’ll be able to avoid facial sagging that comes with a missing tooth.

  • What can you do with loose dentures?

    Your gums and jaw structure will shrink as you lose the supporting bone over time. If your dentures start feeling loose, denture glue can keep them more solidly in place. However, you’ll eventually need to come into our office for a denture repair and adjustment. Your denture dentist will refit your dentures if only minimal changes are needed, but we may need to remake your dentures so they fit just as comfortably as they did at the start.

Your New Smile With Unparalleled Results

We understand the importance of both great dental care and dental work.
Our dentists strive to ensure you always get both.

Here at Gold Coast Dental Riverside, our denture dentists work tirelessly to give you an incredible new smile post-extraction. We design and craft your dentures exactly to your needs with a flexibility in your tooth replacement options that ensures your total satisfaction. We use the latest tech, tips, and tricks of the trade to give you the highest-quality dental care possible while keeping you relaxed and comfortable in our office. Our Riverside dentists believe that it is essential that you love every step of your denture journey, and we do everything we can to make that philosophy a reality.


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